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Enviar Carga Aérea Empresas Aruba


Acceda a información carga aérea Aruba

Servicio adecuado para:

-Exportaciones hasta aeropuerto destino Aruba (AUA)

-Carga empresarial: Carga paletizada con origen y destino clientes corporativos.

Otros destinos Aruba, consultar tarifa.

Para recogidas dentro de España, consulte coste tránsito.

Para recogidas en otros paises de Europa, consulte coste transito.

Estas tarifas Corresponden exclusivamente al flete aéreo desde el aeropuerto de origen hasta la llegada al aeropuerto de destino. No incluyen gastos en destino. (ej.: liberación conocimiento aéreo en destino, agentes de aduanas en destino, estancias en depósito de aduana en destino, traslados para inspección)
Tarifas aplicables solamente a carga general, transportable en vuelo con pasaje.

Altura máxima de los bultos: 160 cms. (**ver limitaciones segun destino)

Tarifas No válidas para animales vivos, perecederos, mercancías peligrosas, valiosas, sobredimensionadas, refrigeradas, etc.

Para envíos con altura superior a 160 cms, consulte condiciones y tarifas para aviones cargueros.
Tarifas basadas en una selección y combinación entre las diversas Compañías Aéreas que ofrecen servicio de Carga en el aeropuerto de Madrid.
Seguro no incluido. Responsabilidad legal máxima por Kilo: 20 DEG, según Convenio de Varsovia.

Aviso Informativo:

Aviacargo recomienda a los exportadores, revisar y comprobar siempre con importador en país destino, lista de documentos exportación requeridos por aduanas en destino (certificados, licencias previas de importación, certificados de origen)

Aviacargo no se hace responsable de sanciones, multas, retenciones, decomisos, producidos a la mercancía en las aduanas en destino, por no cumplir los requisitos documentales o de cualquier índole requerida por la aduana de dicho país.

International Trade Aruba

Aruba’s economy has a small and open economy with limited manufacturing. The island trades with partners for a broad spectrum of merchandise. Imports increase gradually. Exports are very low, representing an average of 3.0% of the import value. Besides the major trading partners such as the USA, the Netherlands and Venezuela, trade is performed with countries globally.

Exporting to Aruba.
***Import duty and Excise: The median value of import duties is 12%. The primary necessities of life fall in the category of 0% and 12%. Luxury goods are subjected to higher import duties. Aruba permits duty-free entry of raw materials for manufacturing industries. Alcohol and alcoholic beverages, tobacco and products thereof and products of mineral oils are subjected to excise duty. For more information on import duty and excise duty contact: Inspectie der Invoerrecten en Accijnzen. Phone: +297 5821800, Fax: +297 5837164, E-mail:
Aruba has no import restriction, except for fresh chicken’s eggs, which depends on the local supply.
***Licensing: Items like medicines, narcotics, chemicals, explosives and pyrotechnics are subject to licensing controls. Pharmaceuticals must be registered with the Inspectorate of Health and Environment (Inspectie Volksgezondheid en Milieu) in order to be imported into the Aruban market or into the free zones. The Inspectorate of Health and Environment can be contacted at phone: + 297 5841199, fax + 297 5849143. In addition, licensing at customs clearance is required for certain goods. The Department of Economic Affairs, Commerce and Industry is in charge with the issuing of import licenses.
Health Certificate: Certain live animals may not be imported, depending on the country of origin. Import of meat and meat products must be accompanied by the competent authorities in the country of origin. Since 2002 Aruba passed a law which only allows import of meat and meat products from: 
1) Member States of European Union, 
2) The United Sates of America, 
3) Third countries, i.e. countries other than the USA or countries from the EU, can only export to Aruba when they are either: 
3 a)  Countries approved by the USA for export to the USA or  
3 b) Countries approved by the EU for export to the EU.  Note: The approval of countries and slaughterhouses is a long process in which legislation and its implementation, veterinairy infrastructure, desease status and manufacturing practices are evaluated. As Aruba is a small country with limited resources it has adopted the policy of following the risk analysis by respected sources that are both trustworthy and transparent in order to guarantee the local consumer with safe meat and meat products. Meat and meat products, must be inspected prior to entry. The Aruban Veterinary Service should be contacted prior to shipment of live animals, meat and meat products. Phone: +297 5850400, fax: +297 5851828,  
Export to Aruba should take place by means of an Aruban importer/distributor. More information on this can be obtained at the Aruba Chamber of Commerce. Phone: +297 5821566, fax: +297 5833962, e-mail: arubachamber  . For more information contact e-mail:  


2.1. General

2.1.4. Language on documents

English, Dutch.

2.2.1. Commercial consignments

2 Commercial Invoices containing: marks, weights, measures, detailed description of goods, terms of delivery (CIF, FOB etc.).

*Import Licence required for several articles such as: many foodstuffs, alcoholic beverages, cigarettes etc. unless CIF value is less than AWG 100.00 and the goods are not destined for commercial purposes.

**Import of meat and meat products is subject to import permission. Goods must be accompanied by an original veterinary health certificate. Import is restricted to meat originating from a slaughterhouse in the USA or a member state of the EU (European Union) or from a slaughterhouse that is approved for export to the USA or the EU.

***Prohibition: veterinary measures and/or a temporarily import ban from otherwise approved countries or zones can be imposed in case of outbreak of disease. This is presently the case for:

Beef from Europe as a result of the Mad Cow Disease (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy);

Poultry meat and live birds from Asia and countries where Avian Influenza has occurred.